My tmux.
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Table of Contents

  1. Installing
    1. Dependencies
      1. Powerline
      2. Powerline-Fonts
  2. Change Configs
  3. Config Dependencies
  4. Notes
  5. Config-Examples


Clone anywhere, then ./ and follow the instructions.

Or, copy the following, and paste it in your terminal

mkdir repos
cd repos
git clone
cd .tmux

Please note, there are dependencies, namely powerline, and powerline-fonts, currently these depenencies are only needed for config B, the rest of the configs can be used safely.

Alternatively, you can run the following, to install the tmux configs and my other dotfiles (aka my vim, bash and zsh configs, as well as other scripts, note this method requires sudo, as all dependencies are installed)

curl -O && bash



  • Arch/ Manjaro
yay -S powerline
  • Fedora
sudo dnf install powerline tmux-powerline
  • Ubuntu
sudo apt install powerline


# clone
git clone --depth=1
# install
cd fonts
# clean-up a bit
cd ..
rm -rf fonts


To change to a different config, simply run ./ path/to/conf

Example: ./newconf ~/repos/.tmux/tmux_conf/.tmux.conf_A


  • Config A: None
  • Config B: powerline, powerline-fonts


  • If you have spotify installed, your current song being played is displayed in the bottem left corner (When using config A).
  • Your battery is shown in the bottem left corner (When using config A)
  • For .tmux.conf_B, powerline must be installed



Config A

.tmux.comf_B Config\_B