cmesg Chat Application
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Messeging Application

This is a simple messaging server + client, the goal of this project is to allow a simple tui mode (using nc) to chat, or using a far more complicated GUI with advanced features.


Client Server
GTK+ devel pthreads


$ make

Running the server

$ ./bin/cmesg [options]

Running the client

$ ./bin/client [options]


$ ./bin/cmesg -h


When compiling with $ make, a templete config file is created, this templete file is used to configure the admin user, who can login to the server and do privilaged commands (such as ban a user, mute someone etc).

In order to enable this, one must run cmesg like so,

$ mesg -c /path/to/config


Run the server and then,

$ nc localhost <port>